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Learn Ancient Greek or “Koine” Greek (Bible Greek) online.

  • Enroll in the most widely tested and highly successful ancient Greek curriculum. 
  • Learn how to read and comprehend any text written in ancient Greek or “Koine” Greek. 
  • Master ancient Greek vocabulary, writing, accentuation and spelling. 
  • Learn how to properly pronounce ancient Greek under the guidance of native Greek professional tutors. 
  • Practice on renowned ancient Greek texts, New Testament scriptures or Septuaginta passages. 
  • Use the most innovative ancient Greek learning aids without having to buy anything. 

You are obviously fascinated by the idea of reading the famous writings of Plato, Thucydides, Demosthenes or Dio Cassius in their original language. Or maybe, you are even more interested in fully comprehending the original text of the New Testament or of the Septuaginta (the most widely used ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament). 

If that’s the case, then you have spotted just the right website. Designed and created by people who truly love ancient Greek, this website intends to present you the most effective and easiest way to quickly master the level of ancient Greek knowledge you wish to. gives you the opportunity to learn ancient Greek or bible Greek properly, in a comprehensive and progressive manner, using online tutoring.

The procedure is rather simple. Just follow these simple steps. 

  1. Visit the Main Curriculum Page. There you will find 5 different ancient Greek courses. The first 3 courses are designed to help you learn enough ancient Greek to be able to read and comprehend any kind of text written in the Attic dialect and the Greek “Koine”. The 4th one will help you further practice your ancient Greek by reading several interesting ancient Greek texts.  The 5th course is specially designed for those that wish to peer into the peculiarities of the “Koine” Greek, thus enabling their fuller comprehension of the Septuaginta and the New Testament.
  2. Choose the ancient Greek course that interests you the most. You can start right from the beginning and conclude the whole curriculum. If you believe you already know the content of several sections you may choose just one or several sections from one or several courses. Please bear in mind, though, that choosing advanced ancient Greek sections or courses presupposes certain basic knowledge that our tutor will expect you to already master before trying to guide you through the next level. 
  3. Contact us and arrange your first lesson in a date and hour that suits you. 
  4. Test our learning process and methods: the first lesson is free!
  5. If you are satisfied continue your course. The only thing you will have to do is pay in advance for at least two lessons. If you are not satisfied, no hard feelings. You will bear no obligation whatsoever.  

The first lesson is free, thus enabling you to evaluate the whole learning process and decide whether you should continue or not.

All lessons will be conducted privately, just with you and your tutor, by using a live on-line meeting application.

Need some more information? Visit our FAQ section or contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and queries.